Tesla allows you to go off-grid in one press with new mobile app

Tesla Mobile App

Tesla is now allowing Powerwall owners to go off-grid in just a simple press through its new mobile app.

Earlier this week, Tesla started pushing a new version of its mobile app, which is extremely important to its vehicle ownership experience.

As we have previously reported, Tesla is looking to use its app more in the future for non-Tesla owners in order to onboard them into the Tesla ecosystem.

Opening the Supercharger network to electric vehicles from other manufacturers will be a big part of that, and in the new update, Tesla has better integrated the Supercharger experience.

In the new update, Tesla has also updated the energy section of the app for Powerwall and Tesla solar owners:

Tesla Mobile App

Tesla has added a “go off-grid” button that allows owners to island their system and go completely off-grid preemptively.

In a world where planned brownouts are becoming more common, this feature could become useful.

The company is pushing toward the goal of becoming a global decentralized electric utility.

While the grid will remain an important part, Tesla is looking to add value with its solar and energy storage products.

In the new update, Tesla has also updated the way you can look at the data from your own power generation with solar panels or solar roof tiles:

Tesla Mobile App

The company also lets users download their data if they want to use in a spreadsheet or plug it into another system.

For those who are curious, here’s also a look at what the UI looks like for a commercial Tesla system using Powerpack (via Martin Coyle):

Tesla Mobile App

Tesla has been looking to grow its commercial energy business after focusing on residential installations following the acquisition of SolarCity.

You can now download the new version (v4) of the Tesla app both on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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