Tesla adds Mercedes to brands that will soon get Supercharger access

Tesla adds Mercedes to brands that will soon get Supercharger access

Tesla files plans to build world’s largest 164-stall Supercharger in California

Tesla has added an additional company to the list of electric vehicle (EV) brands that will soon gain access to its Superchargers, after every major automaker in the industry last year gradually adopted the company’s North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Although Tesla opened its Superchargers to EVs from Rivian and Ford earlier this year, the company is planning to gradually roll access out to other EV brands at some point. Tesla has previously said that the next automakers to get access to the charging network will include General Motors (GM), Polestar, and Volvo, though the company has now added Mercedes-Benz to that list, as was spotted on its website this week.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla hasn’t said when it plans to open the Supercharger network to the aforementioned brands, and mass layoffs at the company affecting the charging department were reported to be delaying some of those plans. However, Tesla’s addition of Mercedes to its NACS access web page may be a good sign for owners of other EVs.

As part of the adoption of NACS, automakers across the industry will start building Tesla’s charging port into their cars in a few years. In the meantime, however, Tesla is providing automakers with charging adapters to give to their customers, which can then be used to charge using the Supercharger network’s built-in plugs.

In April, Tesla laid off several workers across its global workforce, alongside the departure of multiple high-profile executives. The layoffs came in a few different waves, including one that saw the company letting go of key employees in charge of the Supercharger team.

A few weeks later, Tesla walked back some of those layoffs by rehiring a few of those let go. Earlier this month, Tesla Charging Program Manager and Business Development Lead TJ Connolly, who was re-hired, assured the industry that Tesla’s charging team would continue to “lead and inspire,” and that the “EV charging industry is OK.”

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