Snapchat announces Bitmoji TV animated series.


Snapchat has announced a series of animated Bitmoji TV shows in which the main characters will be Bitmoji, customizable social network avatars. TV shows will be available in the Discovery section.

The avatars of the user and his friends will participate in various adventures: control the Star Treky spaceship, become secret agents, fall in love with robots and fight zombies.

Why Snapchat is developing Bitmoji

While many Snapchat features were copied by Facebook and Instagram, Bitmoji remains the main value of the social network, as either competitors do not have them or are poorly developed, TechCrunch notes.

To compete with Facebook and Instagram in 2016, Snap for $ 64.2 million bought the startup BitStrips, an application for creating user avatars and comics with their participation.

By April 2019, the stand-alone Bitmoji application had been downloaded 330 million times, and Snapchat had integrated avatars into the main application and expanded its use.

The company also sells cups, T-shirts and other goods with Bitmoji prints, and in November 2019 released clothes under the Bitmoji brand.

Bitmoji has become an opportunity for Snapchat to retain the audience and its monetization, which was appreciated in the market. The value of the company’s shares for 2019 has tripled – from $ 5.79 in early 2019 to $ 16.09 by December 29, 2019.

Bitmoji TV is a unique way for the market to attract teenagers to the social network and improve the Discovery section, but the success of the show will depend on the quality of the script, TechCrunch believes.

If the character constantly gets into funny and “meme-worthy situations”, the audience will continue to watch episodes and share them, but too childish or boring shows will ruin the service, the newspaper notes.