Selling my Tesla after 3 thousand miles. 5 reasons

Selling my Tesla after 3 thousand miles. 5 reasons

Larry Lynch told his YouTube subscribers that there are a few reasons why he is ready to dump his high-tech car that only has 3000 miles on it.

He admitted that there are many nice features, but all-in-all the defects outweigh the positives.

“There’s a couple things that I just can’t get over mostly it’s just size if I’m being honest but outside of that there’s some really annoying things that I think we should talk about,” he explained.

While Lynch appreciates the size of the front of the vehicle, he does not appreciate the material of the hood.

“The bigger issue is how flimsy the hood feels I don’t know what the reason is other than just cutting material cost but it is like you could like lift it up and kind of like it’s like sheet metal.”

The automatic braking system is another feature that Lynch wishes was different.

He explained that the regenerative braking system automatically breaks when it senses poor weather conditions. For Lynch, this is not ideal.

“Sometimes this kicks in though like today is a gorgeously sunny day but it happens to be 32 degrees out a little cold,” he explained.

Lynch noted that other vehicles allow drivers to modify the braking system.

“I wish you could just control it yourself is what I’m getting to. Something like the ionic 5 that just came out from Hyundai,” he added.

On the topic of driving in harsh weather, Lynch also noted that there is a gap between the glass on the trunk of the car and the roof, which allows snow to slide in during the winter.

“So if the snow’s right here and then the trunk goes up, then all sudden the snow falls right onto you,” he explained.

“It’s happened to be multiple times in this vehicle and just like a minor annoyance.”

The sunroom happens to be Lynch’s biggest disappointment with the vehicle.

Lynch generally loves sunroofs and was looking forward to enjoying the one in his Tesla.

However, he says that the beam in the car blocks the view from the roof.

“Unfortunately, unless it’s like a perfectly sunny day or you live in Florida or California or something where it’s always sunny you forget it’s there,” he added.

“Another nit-picky thing I want to talk about is the handle um I hate it it’s so counterintuitive to me to like push your thumb in and then like do this like weird little motion,” he explained.

Lynch has warned other drivers to pay attention to these five problems before they buy their own Tesla.

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