Scientists have created electronic contact lenses with wireless charging

Scientists have created electronic contact lenses with wireless charging

With the development of technology, advanced functions are obtained not only by large-sized VR helmets and AR-glasses, but also by miniature contact lenses. However, even the tiniest elements of such systems require power. Korean developers have already found a way to charge such devices – without using wires.

Development details.

Researchers from the University of Seoul, Ense, have developed a flexible structure that conducts current without heating, which is dangerous to the human eye. They printed all the small details on a special 3D printer. The main power source and the basis of the design was a supercapacitor, capable of supporting the operation of the device for up to seven days. For the wireless charging of the gadget, an electric current rectifier and a silver nanofiber antenna located around the structure are responsible, reports Advances Sciencemag.

Ultimately, experts created a lens that measures the level of glucose in the blood of the carrier and transmits this information using an LED indicator. All structural elements are positioned so as not to impede the normal viewing of a person. Tests of the device showed that it is safe and does not heat up above acceptable temperatures even during charging.

What development will affect.

Scientists have suggested that their work may affect the development of smart lens technology. In their opinion, first of all, such devices are useful for medical purposes – for example, for monitoring patients with diabetes. Is it possible to apply a similar structure in other areas, including entertainment, inventors have not yet reported.