Rivian filings hint at $10k autonomous driving option, software subscription details


A recently published Form S-1 filing from Rivian Automotive Inc. to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hinted at the EV maker’s plans for an autonomous driving system, as well as a potential subscription model.

In the S-1 filing, Rivian estimated its lifetime revenue (LTR) potential for consumer and commercial vehicles. The company estimated an LTR potential of $67,900 for consumer cars and $64,600 for commercial vehicles. Rivian also shared its LTR estimates for software-enabled services for consumer vehicles only.

“We assume the LTR opportunity from software to be $15,500. This is comprised of autonomous driving capabilities of $10,000, and a monthly subscription plan for infotainment, connectivity, diagnostics, and other services valued at $5,500, based on publicly disclosed industry benchmarks,” noted the electric car maker in its SEC filings.

The Rivian Forums explained that Rivian’s autonomous driving system will likely be $10,000. Subscription or membership fees for infotainment and other connectivity-based services could be $5,500 over 10 years per vehicle.

Rivian’s autonomous driving capabilities will likely make use of the hardware installed for its vehicles’ Driver+ system, a set of Level 2 active safety features to assist drivers on the road. For Driver+, Rivian utilizes 11 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, five radars, and a high-precision GPS antenna.

Rivian’s autonomous driving capabilities seem competitively priced. For instance, Tesla’s entire Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite costs $10,000. Tesla also offers an FSD subscription service for $99-$199 per month. General Motors (GM) temporarily discontinued its advanced driver-assist system, called Super Cruise, due to the chip shortage.

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