Red Magic 5G Transparent edition demos its fan on video, 16GB version stock incoming

nubia red magic 5g

The Transparent edition of the nubia Red Magic 5G went on sale on May 31 and sold out fairly quickly. This video shows what you’re missing out on if you didn’t get one.

The transparent back panel and the pulsing LED really gives it that “gaming PC” look. Also, this is one of very few phones to feature an integrated fan for cooling. You can see that demoed in the video with a piece of dry ice.

Of course, the transparent back makes it possible to see the “smoke” make its way through the phone, a really cool visual.

If this tipped the scales for you, you’ll be happy to hear that nubia is preparing a new batch of Red Magic 5G units that will be available on on June 14 from 10:00 local time. The retailer will be stocking the top of the line model with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage.

This version costs CNY 5,200 (compared to CNY 4,600 for the 12/256 GB option). You get 6-months broken screen insurance for free and you can break up the payment into 24 monthly installments. Also check out this Weibo post for a chance to get a CNY 1,000 coupon.

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