Preorders for Motorola’s Razr are now backed up until mid-February.


The $1,500 phone will be released on February 6th

If you place a preorder for Motorola’s Razr right now, you won’t receive the phone until February 18th — more than 10 days after its launch date. The resurrected Razr, now with a folding screen, will exclusively hit Verizon on February 6th. Preorders opened up yesterday, and delivery dates for the $1,500 device were quickly pushed out by several days.

Motorola’s website, which is also taking preorders for the Razr, lists the same February 18th estimate at the moment. The company delayed preorders by a month, claiming that interest in the phone had exceeded its initial expectations.

Verizon is offering a number of promotions for those purchasing the Razr; you can save up to $500 if you trade in a recent phone and pay the Razr off over a 24-month period. But since it’s the only carrier to actually offer the phone, that $1,500 asking price (when bought outright) probably won’t be changing anytime soon.

After Samsung’s Galaxy Fold got folding screens off to a rocky start, there’s high interest in whether Motorola’s approach — and the Razr’s old-school form factor — will be more about proving out the appeal of this new category. Samsung seems to be pursuing a similar path for its next folding phone, which is rumored to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S20 lineup on February 11th.

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