New iPhone Warning—Do This To Avoid Being Hit By Sneaky SMS Attack

New iPhone Warning—Do This To Avoid Being Hit By Sneaky SMS Attack

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A new iPhone warning has been issued by a security firm, after it found Apple IDs are being targeted in an SMS phishing campaign.

Symantec researchers describe how attackers are distributing malicious SMS messages to iPhone users in the United States.

The SMS sent to iPhone readers reads: “Apple important request iCloud: Visit signin[.]authen-connexion[.]info/icloud to continue using your services.”

To make the iPhone SMS seem legit, attackers even implemented a CAPTCHA for users to complete. After this, users are directed to a webpage that mimics an outdated iCloud login template where they are encouraged to hand over their details to attackers.

Apple ID credentials are “highly valued,” because they offer attackers control over iPads and iPhones, along with access to personal and financial information, and potential revenue through unauthorized purchases, Symantec owner Broadcom said.

Additionally, Apple’s strong brand reputation makes users more susceptible to trusting deceptive communications that appear to be from Apple, the firm warned.

Usually, Apple ID phishing happens via emails—and you might not even see lots of them, because they’ll be sent to your junk. However, SMS phishing—AKA “smishing”—is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Typically, smishing attackers tend to restrict access to their malicious websites to users on mobile browsers and specific regions to evade detection by monitoring systems. However, in this instance, the malicious website is accessible from both desktop and mobile browser, Broadcom researchers said.

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