New iPhone 13 rumor claims there is no in-display Touch ID sensor

Apple iPhone 13

If the latest rumor is true, then at least one iPhone 13 has been completed already. Obviously, the hardware will go through a few changes until the final product will reach the market, but it looks like Apple has decided to drop the in-display Touch ID sensor — at least for now.

Set to arrive in 2021, the next-gen iPhone is already present in quite a few rumors. For example, what appears to be a 3D-printed mockup shows a rather strange camera placement (five cameras that form a cross inside a square assembly with rounded edges), but today is all about the in-display Touch ID sensor.

According to Apple leaker/analyst Jiorīku, there is no Touch ID sensor inside the screen. However, Apple is always developing multiple prototypes before they settle for a final design, so it would not be surprising to see that the iPhone 13 will hit the market without dropping the in-display fingerprint sensor.

For now, Apple fans should be more than happy with the fresh iPhone 12 lineup (iPhone 12iPhone 12 miniiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max) that brings forward the new A14 Bionic processor, 5G connectivity, but also a US$30 surcharge for non-AT&T and non-Verizon customers. The first accurate iPhone 12 leaks came out in December 2019, so most of the iPhone 13-related rumors that come out these days are most likely duds.

Unfortunately, many questions still lack answers. If you had to choose a single improvement, which one would it be? A better battery? A 120 Hz display? Camera improvements? A portless design? As usual, the comments section is yours, so go for it.

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