Musk says people who get their news from this source are

Musk says people who get their news from this source are

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Tweets Might Still Be SEC

Elon Musk has once again stirred controversy with his outspoken views on the media, saying, “People who get their news from legacy TV live in a fake alternate reality.”

This bold statement has sparked a heated debate on his social media platform X, about the role of mainstream media in shaping public perception and the accuracy of the information they disseminate.

This response was prompted by a news clip in which an ABC White House correspondent reported that “The president is expected to meet with Border Patrol and local law enforcement and to, once again, blame Donald Trump for tanking that bipartisan border deal that would have included some of the toughest reforms in decades.”

The reporter continued, “That legislation would have imposed stricter asylum restrictions, included daily limits on border crossings, and billions of dollars in new funding for security, but Donald Trump pressured Republicans to kill that bill to deny President Biden a political win.”

Musk also responded, “Those so-called “toughest reforms” would have made invasion-level migration permanent. That diabolical ‘Border Bill’ deserved to die and shame on those who supported it.”

Musk’s Past Tweets About The Legacy Media

Of course, this isn’t the only time Musk has talked about legacy media. A few months ago, he tweeted, “Please forward links to 𝕏 posts to your friends so they know what’s happening. Some people still believe the legacy media!”

He also responded to a graph of a supposed downward trend of Bloomberg website traffic: “The legacy media is dying.” In another instance, he tweeted, “With rare exception, almost the entire legacy media industry is a politically far left cheering squad.”

Musk frequently accuses legacy media of bias and misinformation, arguing that traditional news outlets push narratives that serve their agendas instead of objectively presenting the facts.

He believes these media outlets often manipulate public perception by selectively reporting on events or framing them in a way that aligns with their ideological leanings. Musk’s criticisms suggest that he views legacy media as untrustworthy and outdated, leading him to advocate for alternative sources of information, primarily his own social media platform X.

Undeniably, Musk’s vocal stance against legacy media has influenced how some people consume news. Many of his followers have turned to alternative platforms and independent journalists to stay informed, reflecting a growing trend toward media fragmentation.

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