Musk predicts a capitalization of $1 trillion.

Musk predicts a capitalization of $1 trillion.

Elon Musk recently shared an optimistic estimate for the future valuation of X, formerly Twitter. As per the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, there is a chance that X could eventually reach a market cap of $1 trillion.

Musk’s optimistic outlook was shared as a response to a post outlining how X is currently being valued by some of its investors. The estimate suggests that X could grow over 20X from the $44 billion that Musk paid for the platform last October. “A trillion dollar market cap for this platform is not out of the question,” Musk wrote.

Twitter is now a private company, and thus, its valuation is no longer listed in the stock market. As noted in a post from Morningstar, however, some of X’s longtime investors still maintain valuations for their respective holdings in the social media company. Interestingly enough, the estimates for X’s valuation from Fidelity and Baron Partners are notably different.

At the end of 2022, Fidelity valued its shares at $39.60. Baron Partners, on the other hand, was more optimistic as it valued its Twitter shares at $70.20. Both firms have maintained their stance on the social media company, with Fidelity currently valuing its shares at $33.34 and Baron valuing its shares at $72.20.

What is quite interesting is that X’s estimated valuation for Fidelity and Baron Partners has remained consistent so far. This was despite the slew of changes in the company, such as Elon Musk stepping down from X’s CEO post, and the emergence of competitors that were touted as potential rivals of the platform, such as Meta’s Threads.

While Musk’s estimate for X’s potential $1 trillion valuation may sound farfetched today, such a scenario may not be unrealistic at all. Tesla, after all, reached and overtook a $1 trillion market cap despite the electric vehicle maker experiencing numerous struggles over the years. Facebook, another social media company, also hit a $1 trillion valuation in 2021. Provided that Musk plays his cards right, then perhaps X may indeed have a shot at becoming a trillion-dollar company.

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