Minecraft textbook made for maths for 6-13 year olds.


Microsoft introduced a curriculum where players can learn basic math rules in Minecraft. It is supposed to be embedded in school lessons.

Playing Minecraft it is possible to learn the basic rules of mathematics and geometric concepts. For teachers, they presented a training program for 6-13-year-old students on the game’s website.

According to the developers of the game, the use of Minecraft is useful because teachers do not have to be experts in the game. The process is simple and can be easily adapted in order to engage students in the study of subjects.

Primary school math teachers will be able to show in a playful way how the rules of addition, multiplication and division work. They are supposed to be performed using blocks in the player’s inventory. Older students will be able to learn the rules of geometry using the game. To do this, they will build figures, calculate its area and volume.

“It is with the help of logic and calculations that the actions in the game acquire their meaning and lead to deeper reflection. Students will begin to think how to use mathematics strategically. This is the most important thing – involving students in science through the game,” Microsoft said.

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