Mercedes EQS tops Tesla in EV range, for now

Mercedes EQS Tesla EV

Flagship electric sedan’s long range eliminates ‘buying hurdle’

With a range of up to 770 km (478 miles) under Europe’s WLTP testing regime, the Mercedes-Benz EQS has taken the lead in the electric vehicle battery wars, outpacing the Tesla Model S, which can reach 660 km on the same scale, depending on options.

    • Tesla says its coming “Plaid Plus” version of the Model S will have a range of more than 800 km, and Elon Musk has said an electric Roadster model due in 2022 would have a range of nearly 1,000 km.
    • Lucid, a startup founded by a former Tesla executive, has said the coming Air will have a range of more than 800 km.
    • Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares on Thursday said that the group’s biggest electric vehicles would have a range of at least 800 km in the coming years.
    • A flagship electric car for Audi, Porscheand Bentley, code-named Landjet, is expected to offer a range of 650 km, according to news reports.

  • Lexus’s LF-Z concept, which previews a vehicle to be available by 2025, has a range of about 600 km. GM has said it will build a Chevrolet pickup with a range of 644 km. BMW’s i4 concept, which is expected to have a similar production version, is claimed to have a range of 600 km.