Lightyear signs world’s first solar EV subscription plan, to deliver 5,000 cars


Lightyear, the solar electric vehicle maker, has signed an agreement with LeasePlan, a car-as-a-service company, to reserve 5,000 units of its second model that will go into production around 2024 or 2025. The service company has also said that it will make the automaker’s first model, Lightyear One, available through its European network.

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It is also the world’s first long-range solar vehicle that can achieve a distance of over 700 km on a single battery charge of 60 kWh.

With the production of its first solar EV Lightyear One scheduled for 2022, the EV company shared that its second model will be built on the technology developed for the first model and will be available in Europe, the US and other global markets at a more affordable price of €30,000 (approximately 25.6 lakhs). It also added that it aims to bring clean mobility o everyone, everywhere through highly efficient, solar electric vehicles.

Lex Hoefsloot, founder and CEO at Lightyear said that the agreement with LeasePlan will help the company to make its product accessible to all. “LeasePlan has been a leading voice in the need to transition to clean vehicles that are less dependent on charging infrastructure and reduce costly grid reinforcements. We join forces in bringing a unique and truly sustainable vehicle to the market,” Hoefsloot added.

Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan shared that this agreement will deliver the world’s first solar-powered car subscription. “With Lightyear, range anxiety is a thing of the past, as is the nightmare of having to find a convenient and available charging station – an absolute breakthrough in the fight to cut emissions from road transportation. We look forward to joining forces with Lightyear and putting drivers behind the wheel of some of the cleanest, most innovative EVs ever produced,” he said.

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