Let’s get to know Tesla Cybertrucks better

Let’s get to know Tesla Cybertrucks better

Tesla Cybertruck New Zealand

A new leaked video shows several Tesla Cybertrucks lined up inside the plant at Gigafactory Texas with their frunks open.

Earlier today, images were seen of the Cybertruck charging outside of the factory in drone footage captured by Giga Texas observer Joe Tegtmeyer.

We speculated that the frunk seemed somewhat small based on the frunk cutout in the vehicle’s bed, but this new angle from inside Giga Texas gives us a better perspective.

The video was shared by TikTok user randomness2646:

The video means two things: these are evidently the various Cybertruck builds that have been produced at the factory and are either test mules or ones that are ready to be delivered. It is also possible that it is a mix of both of those things. The Cybertruck unit closest to the camera appears to have some dirt or dings in the side, so it is likely that this particular unit is one we’ve seen on the streets.

Nevertheless, there are around 5-6 units in this video, so there’s a possibility there is a mix of both.

The Cybertruck has been headed toward initial production for years, and we know Tesla has already built one unit that is ready for deliveries based on images shared by the automaker weeks ago.

Validation and testing for the truck are still ongoing. However, we are seeing more units built than ever before, and today, a brand new unit was featured in the drone video that was previously discussed.

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