It looks like Tesla has taken another step toward launching FSD in China.

It looks like Tesla has taken another step toward launching FSD in China.

Tesla’s Elon Musk FSD

Tesla appears to be taking another step toward the launch of Full Self-Driving (FSD) in China, with some wording appearing in employee vehicles in the country following a recent update.

After Tesla gained tentative approval for FSD in China late last month, the company has also continued to test the system in the country. However, following the recent Spring Update, one source has confirmed that the words “Employee FSD Beta Program: Registered” appeared on one employee’s vehicle in China.

The employee source confirmed the news with a screenshot over the weekend, which was sent to X user and Tesla follower Chris Zheng on Sunday. The employee also said that no FSD (Supervised) features have yet been enabled in the vehicle, despite the reference appearing.

In addition to showing the Employee FSD Beta Program distinction, the vehicle also includes a number of other settings in the screenshot, seemingly related to the vehicle being involved in multiple initial beta groups. One such example includes the screen displaying the words “Employee Wave 11 Plan: Registered,” alluding to the company’s early software rollout program for workers.

In recent weeks, reports have also suggested that Tesla plans to use a data processing center in China to help train its FSD system as it becomes available in the country.

It’s still unclear when Tesla plans to launch FSD in China, but with recent government barriers removed, it seems like it could be coming somewhat soon. In addition, Tesla is set to unveil its upcoming robotaxi platform in August, based on the FSD (Supervised) neural net-based system.

For the past few months, Tesla has pushed its FSD system in North American markets, by offering free one-month trials of the software and substantially discounting its price.

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