Is Tesla’s Cybertruck Garage-Friendly Or A Tight Squeeze?

Is Tesla’s Cybertruck Garage-Friendly Or A Tight Squeeze?

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A new photo of a Cybertruck backing into a garage is making the rounds online, sparking both amusement and curiosity.

What Happened: This image supposedly captured the upcoming Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) vehicle while it was being backed into a garage in Sunnyvale. The person who shared the photo mentioned, “They were very careful about backing it in, though.”

On X, users had a good chuckle over the picture and started speculating about how the driver would manage to exit the vehicle, given its snug fit in the garage.

One user humorously inquired, “Any chance you can find out how deep the garage is…for science?” Another user commented, “You have interesting neighbors.”

#cybertruck fits into standard townhouse garage in Sunnyvale. They were very careful about backing it in though. @DillonLoomis22 @elonmusk

— FilamStargazer (@FilamStargazer) October 18, 2023

Why It Matters: During Tesla’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the Cybertruck would have a length of under 19 feet, featuring four doors and a 6-foot bed. It’s designed to fit into a 20-foot garage, Musk added.

Musk emphasized that despite its compact dimensions, the Cybertruck is far from small. Tesla has paid meticulous attention to every millimeter of its exterior dimensions. While the delivery event for the Cybertruck is slated for this year, Tesla has yet to disclose further specifications.

Teardown experts suggest that Tesla’s Cybertruck might have a lower weight compared to Rivian’s R1T and GM’s Hummer EV. It’s speculated that the Cybertruck may not surpass the 6,000-pound mark, which is equivalent to three tons, for tax-related purposes.

Though the company has not announced a date for the delivery event to date, fans and enthusiasts have been awaiting the vehicle since its announcement in 2019 and more avidly since the last quarter.

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