“I’m jealous”: Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacts to an empty calendar

“I’m jealous”: Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacts to an empty calendar

After announcing his exit from ChatGPT-parent OpenAI, former Tesla autopilot head and prominent research scientist Andrej Karpathy now apparently doesn’t have anything on his calendar, and Elon Musk is green with envy.

What Happened: On Thursday, Karpathy took to X, formerly Twitter, and shared a screenshot of his blank calendar saying, “My calendar this week.”

In response, the Tesla CEO replied by saying, “I am envious.”

Karpathy’s LinkedIn profile shows he has a Ph.D. degree from Stanford University. He interned at Google at its DeepMind AI subsidiary.

He worked as a research scientist at OpenAI between January 2016 and June 2017 and then left the ChatGPT-maker for the first time to take on the role of leading Tesla’s autopilot team under Musk’s direction.

The last time Karpathy exited from OpenAI and joined Tesla, it stirred controversy primarily due to his prominent role as a founding member. His departure coincided with crucial stages of OpenAI’s development.

Moreover, Musk-led Tesla’s aggressive pursuit of talent in the field of AI, coupled with concerns about potential conflicts of interest given the tech billionaire’s involvement in both companies, further fueled the controversy. Musk left OpenAI in 2018, citing a conflict of interest with his work at the automotive and clean energy company.

Karpathy’s academic and professional background made him particularly valuable to Tesla, given the company’s efforts to upgrade its Autopilot system and advance towards fully autonomous vehicles.

Additionally, his extensive experience at OpenAI further underscored his significance to Tesla’s AI initiatives.

This is why in 2023 when Karpathy decided to rejoin OpenAI Tesla fans were alarmed. But, at the same time, it was reported that his resumed involvement will improve the research and development efforts at OpenAI.

Earlier this week, Karpathy announced his exit from OpenAI for the second time. Still, this time, he made sure to clarify that his departure was not due to any specific event or controversy.

In fact, speculations are once again getting rampant about his intention to pursue an influencer role. Currently, his YouTube channel boasts over 339,000 subscribers and features 13 videos.

While OpenAI has reportedly stated that his responsibilities had been transferred to another researcher, many expect his exit to leave a gaping hole at OpenAI.

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