‘I’ll take all you’ve got’: Elon Musk has an idea for a new ‘drug’ and Twitter wants to pre-order in bulk

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Tesla chief and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Elon Musk wields immense power on social media. With a single post he can send the shares of a company soaring or plummeting, and prompt debate and discussion around hitherto uncharted topics.

And so, as he took to Twitter on Tuesday to speak about a new “drug”, social media users were, if you will excuse the pun, hooked. Back after a three day break from the micro-blogging platform, Musk joked about a new drug called ‘Regretamine’.

“Pop one and all regrets are gone,” he quipped.

The post has been met with a flurry of remarks, and at the time of publishing this article, there are more than 33 thousands comments and over 200 thousand likes on Musk’s one line tweet.

Now, we’re not sure how Regretamine would work. Would popping it undo all the things that you regret? Or would you simply cease to feel regretful about it all?

But most of Twitter is not concerned with such questions.

As a quick perusal of the comments left on the post show, most people seem to be regretting a lot of their past activities. A disturbing number of Twitter users have commented that they would like to obtain dozens of doses, preferably by pre-ordering them.

And then of course there are the skeptics. Some grimly informed Musk that he was not humourous, while others said that it wouldn’t be approved by the FDA.

“What if you regret taking this pill and you take more to get rid or regrets and it becomes an endless loop @elonmusk Looks like there is potential for dependency. FDA wont approve it bro,” cautioned one user.

But even among those who consider this to be an excellent concept, there is some disagreement. While some were convinced that drugs and alcohol were the true alternative to Regretamine, others wanted to know how many they could take at once.

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that there are drugs that are both illegal and problematic from the health standpoint. But if an article inspired by an Elon Musk tweet inspires you to seek out Regretamine alternatives, well, we can probably agree that there are far bigger problems.

Having said that, take a look at some of the posts:

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