Hertz Begins Installing EV Chargers For Its First Tesla Model 3 Rentals

Tesla Model 3 Hertz

Hertz has started installing EV chargers for some of its first Tesla Model 3 rentals, Drive Tesla Canada reports. Hertz is preparing for the rise in customers choosing an EV over an ICE vehicle and is installing EV chargers at some of their rental lots. One such lot is at the Fort Myers International Airport where a recent permit, issued last week, showed that Hertz is building Tesla chargers for its new vehicles. The valuation of $50,000 shows that this will be a pretty large charging station.

Hertz has promised its customers that if they rent an EV, they will have access to free charging until January 31, 2022.

Uber’s vice president of mobility, Dennis Cinelli, was one of the first to have taken a Hertz Tesla Model 3 rental for a shift on the Uber network. He shared on Twitter that he drove for Uber in the EV and that he was really excited to experience the new partnership first hand.

Hertz has been going the extra mile for Tesla’s mission and has been putting a lot of effort into educating its customers as well as partners about the importance of driving clean energy vehicles. With a dedicated FAQ page as well as blog posts about Tesla and it’s mission, Hertz is doing for Tesla what many of its customers wish Tesla would do: advertise.

To be fair, Tesla has shown that it doesn’t need to pay for advertising since word of mouth has proven to be incredibly successful for Tesla. Tesla has shown that a great product will be loved no matter what happens, and we are witnessing this continually.

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