Here are 2022’s top 8 EVs with the longest range

Here are 2022’s top 8 EVs with the longest range

Tesla vs Lucid Air Europe

Say no to range anxiety.

But there are some electric vehicles with tremendous ranges. We have listed the electric vehicles that promise the longest ranges on a single charge.

7- Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

EPA Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive mid-size SUV with a range of 330 miles (531 km). Even though Tesla increased Model Y’s price, it had little to no effect on buyers, as the Model Y deliveries for new orders are recently pushed to a timeframe between January 2023 and April 2023.

6- Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Ford GM

The dual-motor Tesla Model X has a range of 348 miles (560 km) while having space for seven people. The vehicle has a 0–60mph 8 (0-100 kph) time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 155mph (250kph).

5- Tesla Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive

Canada Tesla Model 3 Highway Patrol Autopilot CA, NY, NJ

Tesla’s Model 3 has seen its range bumped to an impressive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-estimated 358 miles (576 km), while the base Model 3 has a range from 263 to 272 miles (423 to 437 km). Coupled with the robust Tesla Supercharger network, cross-country road trips can be a reality in this sedan.

4- BMW iX xDrive 50 Sport

BMW iX xDrive 50 Sport

The iX is BMW’s flagship electric SUV and boasts a range figure of up to 380 miles (611 km) in the top xDrive50 version. BMW’s rapid charging tech allows the vehicle to receive a 10-80 percent top-up in around half an hour.

3- Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S. Tesla

Tesla’s Model S takes third place on the list with a range of 402 miles (646 km). But to reach that range, drivers have to pay attention to their speedometers, as the vehicle shouldn’t go above 70 mph (112 kph) as well as use the aero wheels with low resistance tires.

2 – Mercedes EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS EV India

German carmaker Mercedes has a deeply impressive maximum range of 441 miles  (679 km) on a single charge, according to the results of a real-world range test, in the EQS 450+ model. The vehicle features a 107.8 kWh lithium-ion battery,

1- Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid Group Europe

The first spot on the list goes to Lucid Air Dream Edition, with an impressive range of 520 miles (837 km), making Lucid Air the longest-range electric vehicle the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ever rated. The Air features a 113 kWh battery pack, in addition to a sleek aerodynamic design, which together greatly enhance the vehicle’s range.

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