For the new Macbook? Apple patents unusual speaker solution.

Macbook Apple

Apple has patented virtual speakers that simulate sound from anywhere in the room.

Such a virtual speaker system is designed to be included in the Macbook speakers.

In essence, Apple wants to turn on devices that reproduce sound in different parts of the room where the user can be. All this without the physical placement of the speakers in space, only with the help of virtual sound engineering.

Apple may be able to do this through a virtual speaker system using what is called transition cancellation. This method mixes the sound waves of the left and right channels to simulate stereo sounds. Last month, the company patented something similar for headsets.

However, the latest patent shows a system designed for inclusion in Macbook speakers. At the accessory level, Apple could implement such a system in future AirPods under the Beats brand.

Recently, through Taiwanese Apple suppliers, it became known that the company might consider launching a gaming Macbook. If Apple combines both technologies, we will talk about a laptop with sound capabilities above the average.