Elon Musk’s reply to a Mars-related tweet has left people in splits

Elon Musk Mars

Elon Musk’s reply to the Mars-related tweet has prompted people to share various responses.

If you follow SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, you may be aware of the various Mars related posts that he often shares. Not just that, he also takes time to reply to some of the posts related to the Red Planet. Just like his recent response to a video shared on a Twitter profile called Black Hole.

“A full rotation of the planet Mars (Hubble Captures By NASA),” reads the caption shared alongside the video.

However, before knowing how Musk reacted to the clip, take a look at the video which, till now, has gathered more than 3.5 million views – and counting.

Musk in just two words shared his response. This is what he wrote along with a wink emoji:

What do you think Musk’s reply?

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