Elon Musk was thinking about buying a house

Elon Musk was thinking about buying a house

Elon Musk

SpaceX and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk began his journey to find a place he could call home in Austin, Texas, according to the biography written by Walter Isaacson, in the summer of 2022. The drive for this decision stems from his realization of the importance of a stable family life.

This pursuit is particularly intriguing considering Musk’s previous decisions on homeownership. Not too long ago, Musk boldly declared to “own no house,” a statement he largely acted upon by selling seven of his homes for nearly $130 million. Such actions showcased the billionaire’s contrasting stance on possessions and homeownership compared to his peers.

Despite now being the wealthiest man in the world, Musk deemed several houses for sale as too expensive, a sentiment that might echo his previous statements on homeownership. The entrepreneur’s perspective on real estate reflects his innovative approach in other sectors.

During a Vanity Fair interview, Grimes, mother to two of Musk’s children, revealed they resided in a $40,000 house. She delved deeper into Musk’s financial choices, mentioning an instance where he continued using a mattress with a hole rather than purchasing a new one. Grimes also highlighted the lack of security in their residence and shared that she consumed peanut butter for over a week.

The biography delves into Musk’s ambitious plans for a property located across the Colorado River from Tesla’s Giga Texas factory. The vast horse farm, complete with a tranquil lake, was not just perceived as a potential family residence. Musk envisioned it as a space that could possibly benefit his numerous ventures, including Neuralink Corp. One innovative idea discussed was the possible involvement of The Boring Co. in digging a tunnel under the river, seamlessly connecting his potential home with the factory.

“It should be like something fell out of space, like a structure from another galaxy landed in the lake,” Musk said.

The designs explored were audacious and reflective of Musk’s nature, from glass shards emerging from the lake to submerged lower levels accessible by tunnels. When the avant-garde designs were put under scrutiny, even Musk acknowledged that they felt more like an “art project” than a conventional home. As a result, the building project was postponed.

A report in July from The Wall Street Journal shed light on Tesla initiating an internal investigation into certain acquisitions. These purchases were reportedly tied to the construction of a glass house for Musk. The project’s blueprint described a “glass-walled building.” Concept plans varied, but they included elements like bedrooms, indicating this was intended as a residence for Musk.

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