Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla to Apple

Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla to Apple

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In an alternate dimension, Apple Inc. might have absorbed Tesla Inc., a scenario contingent on a non-existent dialogue between the leaders of each company, Elon Musk and Tim Cook.

During a critical juncture for Tesla, amidst its Model 3 production challenges, Elon Musk sought Apple’s intervention for a possible takeover, reflecting on this in a 2020 tweet highlighted by CNBC. This was a time marked by economic difficulties and production obstacles for the electric vehicle giant. Musk aimed to discuss Tesla’s acquisition with Cook in these “darkest days,” as he described them, yet Musk revealed that Cook refused the meeting. Looking back, Cook’s decision appears to be a decisive turn, given Tesla’s subsequent ascent and transformative role in the car industry.

Journalist Ross Gerber confirmed this. “I remember when so well. Said it on TV how many times to Cook. Buy tesla buy tesla. Not even a meeting…,” he said in a 2020 tweet.

I remember when so well. Said it on TV how many times to Cook. Buy tesla buy tesla. Not even a meeting…

Later, Cook shared his perspective. According to IndiaTimes, Cook said, “You know, I’ve never spoken to Elon. And there are lots of companies out there that we could’ve bought from at different times, probably. But I feel really good about where we are today.”

Cook’s statement suggests a possible oversight or deliberate omission of the proposal. He further noted, “I don’t recall it happening that way. But if he says it did, I take his word for it.”

This episode underscores a potentially groundbreaking merger in the realms of technology and automotive. For Musk, it represented a quest for rescue during Tesla’s trying times. For Cook and Apple, it marked a decision point, opting to continue their established path of strategy and product innovation instead of exploring new automotive avenues.

In retrospect, Cook’s decision not to pursue Musk’s offer appears to be a significant turning point. It highlights the unpredictable nature of the tech industry, where today’s uncertainty can lead to tomorrow’s success. Tesla’s journey since then has been a meteoric rise.

In the tech industry, potential partnerships are continuously explored, and what might seem like a missed opportunity can lead to independent paths of monumental success.

Startups offer ground-level opportunities where newcomers can invest, innovate and potentially become the next big success story. Just as Tesla emerged from its struggles to become a leader in its field, any newcomer in the tech industry could potentially rise to prominence, either independently or through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

The tech landscape is dynamic and full of possibilities, where today’s small venture could be tomorrow’s industry titan or part of an even larger enterprise, mirroring the potential path Tesla and Apple could have taken.

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