Elon Musk to talk AI

Elon Musk to talk AI

Elon Musk will host a conversation about artificial intelligence with Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) on Twitter Spaces Wednesday evening, a congressional aide confirmed to The Hill.

Gallagher and Khanna have in the past stressed the need for balance on the technology, both expressing optimism about potential benefits while also sharing concerns about the potential dangers it can pose.

Khanna, whose district includes Silicon Valley, pushed for Congress to craft smart and careful regulations “to prevent any harmful uses of AI that won’t stifle innovation,” he said in an April interview with Semafor. He also encouraged Democrats to engage with Musk, even as they hold increasingly divergent views from the Twitter owner .

“I’ve always engaged with him and I think he’s a brilliant entrepreneur. One of the most talented entrepreneurs in the world. But that doesn’t mean I don’t let him know I think he does things that are wrong, and I disagree with him. But I engage with him,” Khanna told Semafor.

Gallagher and Khanna confirmed the planned conversation, which will take place on the platform at 7pm ET, to Bloomberg News.

Khanna told Bloomberg that “I’ve known Elon for years.”

“We will be examining the potential benefits and downsides of AI,” he told the news outlet.

Gallagher described Musk to Bloomberg as “the most prominent name associated with the AI pausers, those who are concerned about the existential risk and want to pause.”

“I think that the consensus view in Congress or more broadly is that we sort of practically can’t pause,” Gallagher also said. “I think thoughtfully engaging his camp makes sense.”

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