Elon Musk threatens to implement

Elon Musk threatens to implement

Elon Musk

A new report from Mashable’s Matt Binder says that more than half of Twitter Blue’s earlier subscribers are no longer subscribed at all. 54% of the 150,000 users who signed up when Elon’s new Twitter Blue launched in November are no longer subscribing.

With advertising way, way down, Musk’s plan has always been to drive up subscriptions, mainly with the draw of a verified “blue check” that is for say for $8-11 a month, which he took away from everyone who had it for free, verified under the old system. That’s except for celebrities and public figures with over a million followers, where he’s just giving it to them to ensure there remains some appearance of validity to the system.

Now, a user has suggested that Musk should open up Twitter Blue to allow for gifted subscriptions, to which he replied “Ok.” A short statement, perhaps, but one that does seem somewhat inevitable. If you can’t get people to sign up on their own, let Blue superfans start throwing out gifted subscriptions to 1, 5, 10 of their friends if they want.

Of course this raises…obvious questions. The signature hallmark of the Twitter Blue system is the blue check. So first, this essentially destroys Musk’s argument that the new blue check is better for fighting bots because you have to have a credit card attached to your account. Now, you just need…a friend with a credit card.

Then, the second thing. If gifting a Twitter Blue subscription didn’t just give your friends access to the features of the system like longer video uploads and tweet editing, but also gave them a blue check, which many current users no longer want, given its association with Musk and his acolytes, it feels like a almost a weaponization of the checkmark. Someone making fun of you for your blue check? Troll them with a sub that gives them one too.

You cannot really have the option to turn off the check because Musk wants it advertised that loads of Twitter users are subscribing to Blue (loads are not, despite what the first ten people in your replies may indicate). I feel like the only solution here would be to…allow people to reject gifted subscriptions? This runs counter to the idea of places where gifted subscriptions work and are universally viewed as good in places like Twitch and Discord. This all circles back around to Musk forcing the check mark as a forced public indicator of your subscription, along with auto-surfacing your replies, when really all you may want is better video, lists and editing capabilities. That’s a gifted sub I would have no problem accepting, if it was just that. But I very much do not want to be a “Twitter Blue Guy” and I don’t think most other people want that, either.

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