Elon Musk Says He Has the Answer About Aliens

Elon Musk Says He Has the Answer About Aliens

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Elon Musk hosted a Twitter spaces conversation July 12 whose main purpose was to discuss artificial intelligence: the risks, the benefits, and the coming AI future. But the billionaire and SpaceX CEO got a bit side-tracked, dipping into the topic of multi-planet civilizations and, of course, the aliens that might come with them.

Musk, who is intent on bringing humanity to Mars, thinks that “we should become a spacefaring civilization, a sort of multi-planet species.”

But with that “Star Wars” – esque eventuality not yet within reach, Musk is intent on exploring some of the fundamental realities of the universe, something that was echoed in the mission statement of his new AI company, xAI.

“If I speak to my personal motivations here, I’ve always wondered what is really going on in reality,” Musk said. “Trying to understand the nature of the Universe. Are there aliens? Where are they? The Universe has been around for many billions of years, so why haven’t we seen evidence of aliens?”

And despite recent whistleblower claims that the U.S. is in possession of “exotic materials” that constitute vehicles of non-human origin (UFOs), Musk thus far has encountered no evidence of aliens.

“Many members of the public are convinced that the government is hiding evidence of aliens, and I have not seen any evidence of aliens. I get asked this a lot,” he said. “But I think that’s actually maybe a concern. I might feel better if I saw evidence of aliens.”

This lack of alien evidence, to Musk, has more frightening implications than the alternative.

“It means that life and consciousness might be incredibly rare. Maybe we’re it, at least in this galaxy,” Musk said. “The light of consciousness seems to me like it could be this tiny candle in a vast darkness, and we should do our absolute best to make sure that candle does not go out.”

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