Elon Musk replies to tweet about what he was doing in the 90s. Post goes viral

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Elon Musk’s reply prompted people to share all sorts of reactions.

“True, ancient times,” this is what a part of a reply by Elon Musk on a throwback picture of his reads. Shared by a Twitter user named Pranay Pathole, the image shows a young Musk smiling. Along with the image, the Pathole also shared what he was doing in the 90s before he become a tech billionaire.

“In the early 90s, @elonmusk worked at a videogame company in Palo Alto, where he wrote a multitasker for PC in C++ which could basically read video from a CD while running a game at the same time. The name of that videogame company was Rocket Science. Fate loves irony,” Pathole wrote.

Replying to the tweet, Elon Musk described it as “ancient times” and added “Had to flip CPU registers explicitly, as computer was so slow.”

Take a look at the conversation:

In another reply on the same post, Musk also explained that he was doing a night job at the video game company.

Pathole’s tweet and Elon Musk’s replies received thousands of likes. The posts also accumulated tons of comments from people.

An individual shared an image of Elon Musk holding a model rocket and asked, “Haha, Rocket Science. Speaking of rockets, what year is this photo from?” To which, the SpaceX CEO replied:

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