Elon Musk On Gemini, ChatGPT

Elon Musk On Gemini, ChatGPT

Over the weekend, in a X Spaces hosted by Gad Saad, who has introduced himself in his bio on the platform as professor, evolutionary behavioral scientist, and author, Elon Musk said that at this point he isn’t sure what is AI generated and what’s not.

What Happened: During the conversation which was filled with glitches, Musk spoke about his AI startup, xAI, which is pursuing “maximally truth seeking AI.” According to Musk, this is extremely important.

“I think a lot of people are like why do we need such a thing? Surely the other ones will be truth seeking. I’m like, have you seen Gemini?”

The tech billionaire was referring to Alphabet Inc.’s Google Gemini which has come under fire after the chatbot generated historically inaccurate images and texts.

Musk said, “People should be concerned about the stuff they see in Gemini and ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT is better at hiding it, but still. It’s kind of good that Google overplayed their hands with Gemini.”

The tech mogul had co-founded ChatGPT-parent OpenAI in 2015 and left it in 2018 over some differences.

“They must have just beaten the AI with stick so hard,” he said about Gemini. “Nothing you do can get it to produce a picture of a Pope who is a white guy.”

When the host of Spaces, Saad, said that he put up a satirical set of memes where the prompt was “what does Elon look like” with the answer showcasing former CNN host Don Lemon. Saad said he shared this meme before the duo got involved in a debacle involving a canceled partnership between them.

“Are you serious?” he asked; when Saad confirmed that it was a meme, Musk laughed and said, “At this point, I can’t tell if it’s parody or reality.”

Why It’s Important: Musk has Musk also criticized Gemini AI for its racial and gender bias. He later took to X and announced that Google is making efforts to address these concerns.

The tech mogul has also expressed concerns after the House Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), revealed that it is probing the extent to which the White House may have influenced the development of the Gemini AI model.

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