Elon Musk had ‘screaming arguments’ with brother Kimbal

Elon Musk had ‘screaming arguments’ with brother Kimbal

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Errol Musk revealed one key reason he taught his sons to stick together

Kimbal said, “I don’t think people understand, before this moment you could not be told your directions… and all of a sudden you could.

“It wasn’t a little thing.”

Speaking from his home in South Africa this week, Errol said that he always insisted that his sons should have a close relationship.

“Your brother and sister is the closest living creature to you,” he said. “Alienation is totally verboten.

“The boys grew up with me as a twosome versus me until they finished high school.

“On many travels abroad, especially, they had to behave and think for each other.

“I was always there, but I was not a nanny.


“By the age of 10, even earlier, they were quite independent, but having each other’s backs was a great thing. I encouraged this.

“I pointed out often that one’s brother or sister is the closest thing to you (‘You might need a kidney!’) so it is absolutely essential to keep very close to each other. They listened.

“I’ve known many families where the siblings hate each other. So stupid.”

Both Elon and Kimbal have a difficult relationship with their father, which was highlighted in an autobiography of the X owner by author Walter Isaacson last year.

Speaking about his dad, Kimbal told Lex Fridman, “He is still alive but I’m not connected to him.

“The phrase I used to have is that he taught me what not to do, so I still actually learned a lot.

“What kind of human being not to be, what kind of actions not to take.”

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