Elon Musk called Cybertruck “the best security technology”

Elon Musk called Cybertruck “the best security technology”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hailed the Cybertruck as the ultimate in apocalypse defense technology after a supposed failed attempt to break into one of the electric trucks in California.

What Happened: Tesla enthusiast Arash Malek shared a video on Sunday, captured by the Cybertruck’s internal cameras, showing an alleged vandal’s unsuccessful bid to damage the vehicle.

Despite relentless efforts to break the glass and climb onto the roof, the Cybertruck remained impervious. Although the glass sustained cracks and scratches, it effectively thwarted the break-in, as evidenced by images shared by Malek.

Cybertruck is California-proof,” Malek declared on social media platform X. “Don’t mess with Cybertruck.”

Musk echoed Malek’s sentiment, sharing the post and declaring the Cybertruck as “the finest in apocalypse defense technology.” In a separate post, he chuckled at the futile attempts of the vandal.

Why It Matters: During the Cybertruck’s unveiling in November, Tesla demonstrated its robustness by testing the stainless steel body against bullets fired from a 0.45 Caliber Tommy gun, a 9mm Glock, and a 9mm MP5-SD.

Despite multiple shots, none penetrated the vehicle’s cabin.

Tesla claims the Cybertruck’s glass can withstand the impact of a baseball traveling at 70 mph or class 4 hail, as stated on its website. Musk has previously likened the Cybertruck to “an armored personnel carrier from the future.”

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