Elon Musk believes brain chips will replace smartphones

Elon Musk believes brain chips will replace smartphones

Elon Musk said that brain chips will replace smartphones. Well, he mentioned his company, Neuralink, in specific. All this happened as a response to the ‘Not Elon Musk’ X account, which is a parody account.

Elon Musk actually believes that brain chips will replace smartphones

That account basically asked everyone if would they allow Neuralink to implant a chip in their brain to allow them to control their phones by thinking. To that, Elon Musk said: “In the future, there will be no phones, just Neuralinks”.

He could not have been more straightforward. In a separate tweet, Musk announced that Neuralink is accepting applications for the second participant. As some of you may recall, Neuralink implanted a brain chip in a 29-year-old paralyzed man in January.

It seems like Elon Musk is convinced this is the future we’re looking at. Brain chips will become the norm based on what he said. The reactions to the first brain chip implant were… colorful, let’s just say that.

People are very skeptical about all this, which is unsurprising

People are very skeptical when it comes to allowing a company plan a chip inside their brain. There’s no need to explain why that is. So it’s hard to imagine that it will become the norm, but Musk certainly believes it will.

That brain chip allowed Noland Arbaugh, Neuralink’s first human test subject, to play chess by using his brain. Chess is something he always loved to do, but was unable to due to his accident that happened 8 years ago.

The potential of brain chips is vast, of course, but it’s a touchy subject for many. People certainly won’t be running to get the same treatment anytime soon. Who knows what will happen down the line, though. The future is uncertain in so many ways and impossible to predict.

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