Elon Musk allegedly used drugs at private parties

Elon Musk allegedly used drugs at private parties

Elon Musk is the wealthiest man on the planet. He is also one of the most successful people in the modern tech space. But he has always been a controversial figure in the media for doing weird things that we usually don’t expect a billionaire to do. However, the latest controversy around Musk can put his reputation at a huge risk. Reports claim Musk has used various drugs in private parties. The action reportedly concerned Tesla and SpaceX leaders and shareholders.

A new report by The Wall Street Journal goes deep into the alleged use of drugs by the billionaire. Last year, it was reported that Musk had taken psychedelic drugs like ketamine to treat his depression. But the latest report alleges that Musk has taken drugs like LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and psychedelic mushrooms in private parties he attended.

Attendees to such private parties usually sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to not reveal anything they might see. Meanwhile, some attendees claimed they’ve seen Musk using such drugs. Musk has previously used marijuana in the Joe Rogan podcast and even asked for the legalization of Fentanyl. The move led NASA to order a review of SpaceX’s workplace culture.

Moreover, in another incident in 2017, Elon Musk reportedly slurred and rambled for fifteen minutes in a SpaceX meeting in front of the company’s executives and hundreds of employees who were gathered to see SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket prototype.

Elon Musk’s use of drugs reportedly concerned executives and board members of Tesla and SpaceX

The report claims Elon Musk has taken several tablets of acid at a party in Los Angeles in 2018. Additionally, he reportedly took magic mushrooms at a party in Mexico in 2019. Musk and his brother Kimbal also used recreational ketamine in 2021 before attending a party in Miami.

Linda Johnson Rice, a former director at Tesla, allegedly decided not to run for re-election at the company after watching Musk’s behavior and his drug use. However, Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, denied all the allegations. He added that his client has “regularly and randomly drug tested at SpaceX and has never failed a test.”

Any case of illegal drug usage is a break of federal contracts and also violates both SpaceX and Tesla corporate regulations. Tesla shareholders and executives are now worried that Musk’s alleged use of drugs could negatively affect the company. Robyn Denholm, chairman of the board of directors of Tesla, reportedly approached Musk’s brother in 2022 over the incidents without citing the word “drugs.”

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