Dell showed the concept of a proprietary UFO console.


During the CES 2020, Dell introduced several interesting new products. In addition, the corporation announced that it plans to enter the market for game consoles and even showed its concept of a UFO game console.

As Techno 24 was told in the press service of Dell in Ukraine, the new device is the embodiment of conceptual developments, so it is not yet available for sale.

What is interesting about the console.

As you know, Dell has its own division of Alienware, which is engaged in the creation of gaming computers and laptops. Therefore, the new device should combine the powerful characteristics of Alienware devices, but in the form of a portable device. The novelty should enable gamers to play their favorite AAA-class computer games, but in a more compact UFO apparatus.



UFO will receive an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1900 × 1200 pixels. He will receive removable controllers, which will allow him to play in various modes, using it as a single integral design with controllers attached to the screen.

At UFO, you can watch video content, as well as your favorite shows and TV shows. The device will connect to an external display and play using a removable controller, or using the mouse and keyboard, as on any other computer.


Our teams have invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours, in design and ergonomics. The device is equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core processor, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth and Thunderbolt for high-performance games, networking and network connectivity.