Completely updated Tesla Model 3 Highland

Completely updated Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla’s last 2023 shipment of its revamped Model 3 Highland recently arrived in Europe with thousands of vehicles ready to be unloaded, according to Teslarati. The refreshed model will reportedly feature upgrades like a redesigned front bumper and headlights, ambient interior lighting, ventilated seats, a blind spot indicator, and a more minimalist design.

Forbes reported additional updates to Tesla’s most affordable model, such as a rear passenger touch screen, new Aero wheels, a stalkless steering wheel, Hardware 4 cameras, acoustic glass, and improved aerodynamics. Perhaps most importantly, the next-gen Model 3 will feature longer driving ranges and faster charging speeds, as per Tesla Oracle.

According to Tesla Oracle, the carmaker announced on its European websites that the Highland Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) would have a range of 319 miles, and the Long Range All-Wheel Drive (AWD) version would get 391 miles per charge. However, since the 2024 Model 3 hasn’t been released in North America yet, the EPA-certified ranges haven’t been finalized.

The upgraded model boasts a charging speed of around 175 miles — nearly half of the reported total range — in as fast as 15 minutes. In comparison, the current Model 3 RWD and AWD variants can be charged up to 147 miles in the same time.

At the Shanghai Gigafactory where the vehicle is produced, reported upgrades to assembly lines may have helped increase efficiency, which will hopefully drive prices down. However, Tesla has yet to make an announcement detailing the pricing specifics.

Currently, Tesla offers delivery of the Model 3 Highland only in parts of Europe and Asia, along with Australia and New Zealand, according to Teslarati. However, recent sightings of the car near the engineering headquarters in California have many speculating that the United States launch will happen soon.

Plus, prices for the Model 3 Standard Range dropped to “historic lows” in October 2023, indicating Tesla may be trying to clear inventory to make room for the new model.

Fremont plant shutdowns will be the ultimate signal that Tesla is finally bringing the Highland Model 3 to the United States,” according to Tesla Oracle, in reference to stopping for retooling at the California plant to make adjustments for the new model.

The car seems well-received by the public, as one car reviewer said it’s “much better” than the previous version.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Tesla website as more information becomes available on the U.S. launch of the new Model 3.

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