Close look at Tesla Model 3 Highland

Close look at Tesla Model 3 Highland

Today, we get a close look in person at the Tesla Model 3 refresh – aka Model 3 Highland – in Munich for IAA.

The update was officially launched in Europe and Asia last week.

It is not yet available in North America as Tesla is right now only producing it out of Gigafactory Shanghai, and therefore, the new version of the Model 3 is only refreshed where Tesla sells vehicles produced out of China.

We had a chance to see the new Model 3 in person for the first time this week in Munich for IAA.

Tesla is not known for regular presence at car shows, but the automaker decided to show up at IAA with a very understated booth:

But you don’t need an extravagant booth when you have what everyone wants to see, which is the new version of one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world.

We didn’t have much time with the Model 3 refresh, but we managed to put together a quick video of all the new features (thanks to Micah for filming):

Electrek’s Take

My impression of the new version of the Model 3 in person was good. The exterior design changes are not massive, but they make enough of a difference to be called a “refresh” in my opinion.

I enjoy the slightly more aggressive design and the new wheels, which strike a nice balance between look and aerodynamic performance.

As for the interior, I really like the updated dash. If you weren’t a fan of the dash before, you probably wouldn’t be now either since it is still based on the same minimalist approach – maybe even more minimalist, but I personally like it.

The new steering wheel without stalk is probably the most controversial update. At this point, if you don’t like the change, you are going to have to decide if it’s a dealbreaker for you with Tesla because, after the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, Tesla has made it clear that this is the direction it is going.

Finally, there’s the new rear screen. It is a nice addition, especially for vehicle controls from the back seat. For entertainment, it feels a bit small.

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