Cheap Teslas and Maseratis, plus some useful tips

Cheap Teslas and Maseratis, plus some useful tips

After Hertz’s full-scale EV adoption plan resulted in its fleet of new Tesla Model 3s getting abused by rideshare drivers and renters alike, Hertz is selling off a portion of its fleet for wildly cheap prices. Before you go snatch up these electrified bargains, keep in mind that Hertz is jettisoning these Model 3s due to their frequency of faults and high repair costs when damaged. Aside from that warning, if you’re looking for an affordable and usable preowned EV, check out Hertz because these admittedly high-mileage Model 3s are listed for sale between $20,000 and $25,000.

Let’s cut right to the chase: buying a used Maserati is not a good idea unless you have deep enough pockets for the upkeep. For those not in the know, they’re sirens. They draw you in with their premium Italian image and sweet songs of “I’m cheap! Buy me!” and then go in for the kill once someone pulls the trigger, whether by way of $400 oil changes, $1,200 brake jobs, or something much worse.

The Toyota 4runner (and Tacoma) have a death grip on used values. It’s been this way for years. Go ahead, go try and buy any TRD trim that’s a couple of years old; it’ll cost you as much as a new one — not that you could buy a new one at that price anyway because they’re likely marked up. One generation of 4Runner, though, has pricing in some places that borders on naked greed. – Lawrence Hodge.

Brad is a recent graduate with a solid job in the medical field and a bunch of savings toward a new ride. He wants to upgrade to something that has three pedals but with a bit more power under the hood. What car should he buy?

The ad for today’s Nice Price or No Dice Volvo 240 suggests the car could use “some TLC.” That’s generally all these dependably solid cars ever need. Let’s decide if this one’s price needs some attention, too.

This week’s reader has a $20,000 budget for a new ride to deliver booze across NYC.

One of the calling cards of today’s Nice Price or No Dice Plymouth Colt is its “Twin Stick” overdrive gear change, which gives the car eight speeds going forward and two in reverse. Let’s see if this project car has anything else to offer.

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