Certified Teslas do not repair

Certified Teslas do not repair


A Tesla owner in Phoenix, Arizona, has been having a hard time getting his car repaired. The accident wasn’t his fault yet Tesla-certified repair shops are not accepting Geico due to the insurance company refusing to pay the costs to repair a Tesla. Although the Tesla owner wasn’t at fault for the accident, he is stuck with $2,100 in damages.

In the tweet below from our friends at Wham Baam TeslaCam, you can see the dashcam footage from the Tesla. Teslarati reached out to Wham Baam TeslaCam who shared the story with us. The story will also be in Sunday’s episode of Wham Baam TeslaCam.

The Tesla owner told Wham Baam TeslaCam that the reason why the Tesla-certified repair shops in Phoenix aren’t repairing his car is that Geico will not pay what it costs to repair a Tesla. So instead, he has to file a claim with his own insurance and pay a $2,000 deductible, and hope that State Farm, his insurance, can recover the cost. However, State Farm said that Geico may not fully reimburse them.

Teslarati reached out to Geico through its Twitter help channel but so far, we haven’t received a response. What we would like to know is why doesn’t Geico pay the costs for repairing a Tesla, especially if the customer with Geico is at fault for the accident. Teslarati also reached out to the Tesla owner for an interview. We’ll keep you updated.

Tesla Insurance became available in Arizona earlier this year. When Tesla first released its in-house insurance program, it said that it will be able to leverage the advanced safety, technology, and serviceability of its cars to provide insurance at a lower cost.

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