Audi introduces headlights that can project images with its electric SUVs


Audi is introducing the first Digital Matrix LED headlights that can project images on the road like a movie projector in its new electric SUVs.

With the launch of the 2021 versions of the e-tron and e-tron Sportback, Audi is announcing the introduction of updated Digital Matrix LED headlights that projects images around the vehicle:

“As lighting technology advances, Audi continues leading the way, now offering Digital Matrix LED (DML) headlights as optional equipment in 2021 e-tron and e-tron Sportback models. This is the first time DML headlights have been mass-produced for a production vehicle.”

Audi says that there will be 5 different graphics available at launch:

“Comprised of 1.3 million micromirrors per headlight, DML headlights essentially operate like movie projectors, emitting tiny unique particles or adaptable light. At market introduction, this lighting technology offers a selection of five different welcome/leaving animations when the vehicle is parked, each with unique motion graphics and text selected through a vehicle’s MMI touchscreen display.”

But as you can imagine, this feature offers a lot of possibilities that can be implemented in the future.

Here are a few features enabled by the Digital Matrix LED headlights:

  • A 50-meter “light carpet” that is designed to keep light within the driver’s lane and extends the carpet left or right when changing lanes and helps to avoid a “blinding” effect for oncoming traffic
  • Low-beam curved lighting that bends below oncoming traffic and can help illuminate people or objects on the side of the road, which are otherwise difficult to detect
  • Electrostatically controlled micromirrors that can adjust light beam pixels up to 5,000 times per second
  • On-ground light arrows that place the vehicle’s tires within its lane

Here’s a quick video demonstrating Audi’s new headlights:

Due to regulations, the full set of features is only available in Europe. In the US, e-tron drivers will for now only have access to the “welcome/leaving” animation.

Audi says that it is working with regulators to have the Digital Matrix LED headlights’ full set of features available to US buyers.

The 2021 Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback are going to be available at dealerships this month.

As we previously reported, the 2021 version of the electric SUV is getting a range increase and a significant price drop.

You can check with your local dealers for inventory and orders:

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