Artist Reimagines Tesla Cybertruck as a Six-Wheel Moon Rover

Tesla Cybertruck

When Elon Musk and Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck at the end of last year, its highly-futuristic and geometric design inspired many Tesla fans’ imaginations. From being used as a family camper to an all-out armored military vehicle, concept artists have rendered the massive truck in various environments equipped with all kinds of gadgets. Now, concept car artist CHARLIE AUTOMOTIVE has joined in on the fun, perhaps placing the Cybertruck in its most fitting environment: on the Moon.

Dubbed the Cyber6, Tesla’s opinion-splitting creation has been reimagined as a moon rover, now sitting on six wheels for greater maneuverability on a treacherous terrain. Various other upgrades make it even more suitable for use in space, including two extra light strips on the nose, numerous antennas on the body, a satellite sitting on the truck bed, and SpaceX logos and American flags adorning the exterior panels. Most innovative of all are the tires, which swap out the conventional air-filled rubbers with individual pod-like traction systems that can be easily repaired on the go, simply by replacing the faulty ones.

Tesla Cybertruck

Of course, the Cyber6 is just a concept, but with the recent success of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon launch to the ISS and the U.S.’ plans to set foot on the Moon again, Tesla creating an EV moon rover may one day very well become a reality.

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