Apple will sell its two billionth iPhone this year.

Steven Jobs Apple iPhone

January 9 marks the 13th anniversary of the announcement of the very first Apple smartphone – a device called the iPhone, which showed the world the then-living Steve Jobs, and eventually became one of the most important and successful products in the history of mankind. And now Apple is close to a significant new milestone in the history of the product, which to this day remains the main source of revenue for the company from Cupertino – this year Apple is expected to sell a two-billion-dollar iPhone.

Confidence that the mark of 2 billion sold worldwide iPhone will be passed on the 13th year of the line, expressed the experts of eight different analytical firms. And their assumption seems quite convincing.

Recall that Apple passed the line of 1 billion sold iPhones in July 2016, and a year later reported on overcoming the 1.2 billion mark on smartphones sold. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, iPhone sales should reach 195 million, which is significantly higher than the initial estimate of 186 million, mainly due to good sales during the holiday season. If everything goes well, then the total sales of the iPhone since 2007 reached approximately 1.9 billion units.

Despite the fact that overall iPhone sales are falling several quarters after the peak of 2015-2018, it is expected that last quarter Apple is expected to set a new revenue record of $ 275 billion. And although the business of services, as well as sales of wearable devices, devices for home and accessories, continue to show steady growth, the main merit in achieving this impressive result will belong to the iPhone.

Already in March, the release of the relatively affordable potential bestseller iPhone 9, which is the ideological successor to the iPhone SE, is expected, and in the fall it will be joined by new models of the iPhone 2020 line, including a model with 5G support. Given this, there is a high probability that iPhone sales will not only begin to grow stably again, but Apple will sell the next billion much faster.

In comparison, a year ago, Samsung’s current smartphone market leader reported over 2 billion Galaxy smartphones sold in less than a decade. Yes, this comparison is not very correct, given that these are general sales of all Galaxy models, including mid-level and budget ones, but there is no other. Nobody has come close to Apple in terms of sales.

It remains to add that just the other day, Apple’s stock price exceeded $ 300 apiece, setting a new record. As a result, the corporation’s capitalization exceeded $ 1.3 trillion. Now the shares have fallen somewhat, but at this pace, Apple still has a chance to regain the title of the most expensive public company in the relatively near future.

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