Apple researches durable crack resistant displays for foldable devices

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A new patent filing has revealed that Apple is working on creating a new protective layer that will be crack resistant on foldable displays. These screens would be scratch resistant as well and will also be more durable overall.

According to a MacRumors report, a filing in the US Patent and Trademark Office titled “Hybrid coverlay/window structure for flexible display applications,” describes how a curved, flexible, or foldable display modules could use a protective hardcoat layer to prevent cracking. This suggests that Apple might be working on solving the cracking issue that has been affecting some foldable devices from Samsung.

As stated in the patent, “typically, glass fracture initiates from the presence of micro-cracks.” But, Apple’s hardcoat layer would fill pre existing micro cracks, which should make it harder for the display to suffer from a severe crack. This additional protective layer would be placed directly on top of the display and would be “engineered to have a sufficiently high hardness and tensile strength to function as an exterior protective coating for the electronic device… Thus, the hardcoat layer is sufficiently durable for high puncture and scratch resistance.”

Although, there currently is no news regarding Apple’s first foldable device or even a rumor of an upcoming launch. Regardless, the company has patented many supplementing technology and has researched on the topic as well. Back in September, there was a report that suggested that the Cupertino based giant had placed a large order for foldable display samples with Samsung.

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