Apple Patents Touch Screen MacBook .

Apple MacBook

Although Apple stated that they would not install touch screens for the Mac, the company’s next patent includes a description that clearly applies to laptops with touch screens. “In some implementations, the display is touch-sensitive. In one or more of these options, the user, if necessary, performs finger input through the display, ”the patent says. Craig Federigi, Apple’s senior vice president of software development, said earlier that Apple had decided not to release a touchscreen MacBook.”We feel that the ergonomics of using a Mac is that your hands are on the surface, and that you need to raise your hand up to poke the screen is quite tiring,” he said. The inventor, attributed to the authorship of the patent, is Chan Zhang, whose 50 previous patents include a similar invention, namely, “Multifunctional input device with built-in capacitive touch layer”, that is, Apple Pencil with a touch interface.

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