Apple may launch a new AirPods Pro variant soon

airpods pro lite
A new report by a Taiwanese media outlet claims that a company from the same country may be engaged to help produce the upcoming AirPods Pro Lite. These putative devices are thought to be a more affordable version of Apple’s TWS earbuds, and to be released in mid-2020.

Apple has released 2 generations of its signature TWS earbuds, the AirPods, so far. The first has even had a refresh with a wireless charging case that made them more expensive. Now, a report in DigiTimes indicates that the second is also about to get another variant, although not in exactly the same vein.

These new accessories are rumored to be called the Airpods Pro Lite, a newly elongated name that hints at a more budget nature. The report indicates the same, and that these new accessories may be available from June 2020 or onward. However, it is still not clear where they may stand in relation to the current non-Pro buds, or how exactly they will be priced.

DigiTimes also asserts that this is relevant to Taiwan as Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), a components firm based there, may win an agreement to supply Apple with system-in-packages (SiP) for its new earbuds. However, this company is apparently still in competition with others such as Murata, JCET and Amkor (the current SiP supplier for the AirPods Pro) for the contract.

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