Apple filed a patent for Apple Maps

Apple filed a patent for Apple Maps

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Apple is on the verge of introducing new AI features with the release of iOS 18, as it has been working on various tools for a while. However, the company is also keen on improving the Apple Maps experience for users so they do not have to rely on Google Maps. The company has been working to improve its Maps app as well as the navigation it offers, with a handful of nifty improvements, as shown in the patent below.

Apple files a lot of patents, and it is not necessary for every patent to see daylight. The company can implement some of the features in a patent while leaving the rest for another day. In a new patent titled “User interfaces for customized navigation routes,” Apple shows us what it is working on and what benefits it will bring to the table against the competition.

The patent describes a mechanism through which the Apple Maps will guide users on specific routes based on their car’s engine profile. Possibly, this version of Apple Maps will be implemented in the company’s CarPlay platform, suggesting the driver routes based on their fuel level. If the fuel is running low, Apple Maps will devise a route where you will find a fueling station to charge your car. Apple Maps will potentially base its decision on the amount of miles or the battery percentage of the vehicle. Users will have the option to follow the suggestion from Apple Maps or leave it as is.

Apple files patent for Apple Maps with new navigation features

The patent also describes another feature that will prevent users from traveling through areas with limited access based on the vehicle’s license plate. The patent describes that such a type of navigation will be possible by adding the engine type and additional details related to the car. Apple Maps will guide the driver for refueling purposes and will also share bypasses from areas with license plate restrictions.

While these are pretty neat improvements for drivers traveling long routes, it does not necessarily mean the patent will see daylight anytime soon. Apple is working on a new version of CarPlay, which could potentially include the listed features. However, nothing can be said for sure at this stage, as the final word rests with Apple. We will keep you guys updated on the latest, so be sure to stick around.

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