Apple estimated 2020 iPhone revenue is now down 14% thanks to CoViD-19

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The securities firm Wedbush has reportedly written to investors advising them that Apple will find its iPhone-derived takings reduced compared to earlier estimates. They may be down by as much as 14% in 2020, and by 10% in 2021. This is related to current events that may put some customers off buying new devices.

The securities firm Wedbush has reportedly revised its estimates for Apple’s performance downward. This new position is directly related to the 2020 iPhone series and a growing lack of optimism for its shipments. In fact, the group now believes that, of the 925 million units of their various preceding generations currently in existence, only 350 mlllion of them are owned by users prepared to upgrade this year.

Should even this estimate pan out, it would bring approximately US$131 billion in for Apple, or a reduction of 14% compared to Wedbush’s prior analysis. This effect on new phone sales is thought to be related to the ongoing 2019 coronavirus pandemic and the public health measures required to curb it easing up by July 2020.

However, this new investor guidance, published by AppleInsider, may not take the projected second-generation iPhone SE into account. This phone, which may start at as little as US$399 and have a Pro/Max/both variant, could attract more new users than Wedbush currently imagines. On the other hand, this kind of novel device may be delayed, as may their flagship counterparts the 12 series.