Apple Card Was a Huge Success. It’s No Surprise Google Isn’t Far Behind

Apple Card

Google is set to introduce a new payment card. If only it can get past privacy concerns.

Despite their recent collaboration on making their devices cooperate to track Covid-19, Apple and Google aren’t the best of friends. The rivalry dates back to when Google decided to build its own mobile operating system to compete with Apple’s iOS. Of course, the number of ways that Google has imitated its Silicon Valley neighbor, Apple, is too long to go through here.

A new report from TechCrunch that says Google is working on its own version of Apple Card. The Apple Card, if you remember, was touted by Goldman Sachs CEO David Soloman as the “most successful credit card launch ever.” Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, reinforced that idea during the company’s November 2019 earnings call.

It makes sense then, that Google would want to follow suit. Google already has a payment system built into its devices similar to Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads. And, last year, I wrote about how Google was reportedly working on offering checking accounts.

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