A Tesla Cybertruck was pictured beside a DeLorean this weekend.

A Tesla Cybertruck was pictured beside a DeLorean this weekend.

Tesla Cybertruck DeLorean

Tesla Cybertruck craze is upon us, with tons of sightings of the electric pickup’s pre-production versions being reported across the U.S. In one unique sighting over the weekend, a user pulled up next to the Cybertruck in his DeLorean for a quick photoshoot.

Reddit user u/BladeBronson shared photos of his DeLorean DMC-12 next to the Cybertruck on Sunday morning, showing off the forthcoming electric truck next to the vehicle made famous by the Back to the Future movies. The sedan is significantly smaller than the Cybertruck, and the photos make a great pair with their classic steel exteriors and futuristic looks.

The post includes six photos of the Cybertruck and DeLorean parked side-by-side, including shots taken from the front, front corner, side and rear. A few of the photos also include the open “gull-wing door” included on the DeLorean, which can be likened to the falcon wing doors included on Tesla’s Model X.

The pictured Cybertruck also has the “RC” release candidate decals and Texas manufacturer plates seen on many of the recently spotted pre-production versions of the truck.

You can see all of u/BladeBronson’s photos of the DeLorean and the Cybertruck below, as were originally shared on the Cybertruck subreddit.

You can also see a video upload of the Cybertruck and DeLorean in 4K below, featuring a quick walkaround of the vehicles.

The news comes after many Cybertrucks have been spotted in the past few months, ahead of Tesla’s plans to begin initial deliveries of the vehicle. On Saturday, photos surfaced showing the Cybertruck parked next to a Rivian R1T, both of which are early contributions to the limited electric pickup truck market.

It also reminds us of a Back to the Future remake featuring the Cybertruck created in 2020, made by the aptly named YouTube account Elon McFly. One Tesla fan also paid tribute to Back to the Future with a Model S app depicting the classic look of the DeLorean’s interior interface on October 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the second film.

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